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Strategy Overview

The Fashion FWD strategy

At BESTSELLER, our strengths as a business are our agility and responsiveness to trends. We are applying these strengths to respond to the changing demands of our planet and society, and to speed up our transition to a more sustainable reality.

Our strategy to get there is Fashion FWD. We want to play a significant role in overcoming the biggest sustainability challenges and we see sustainability as a prerequisite for ongoing business success. For this to happen, we are investing and innovating, and working in partnership across the value chain. We are accelerating action on a number of key priorities and we will continuously re-evaluate our approach moving forward to remain responsive to the changing external landscape.

Building on some good progress to date, we are now speeding up our progress across the BESTSELLER business and brands. Our North Star is our ultimate ambition and commits us to bring Fashion FWD until we are climate positive, fair for all and circular by design.

Our strategy is based on becoming as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible, across four focus areas covering our value chain: Creating FWD, Engaging FWD, Making FWD, Delivering FWD.

Within each of these areas we have set short and medium-term goals to achieve by 2025 to help steer our efforts.

Comprehensive action

We have divided our strategy into four focus areas. Due to its holistic and multifaceted aspirations, some key themes cut across our entire approach. For example, our long-term success will be shaped by our ability to increase transparency and traceability of our products and materials, digitalise our ways of working, preserve our climate, motivate and support our people, cooperate throughout our industry and stimulate innovation. As such, these themes underpin our entire strategy and have been incorporated in various sections in each of the four pillars.

Explore the four focus areas in the sections below and download a strategy summary here.

Creating FWD

We are creating FWD by designing responsibly

Our vision: We will increase the use of more sustainable materials year-on-year until all our products are circular by design.

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Making FWD

We are making FWD by producing leaner

Our vision: We will continuously improve the environmental footprint of our products, operations and supply chain until they are in line with the needs of our planet.

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Engaging FWD

We are engaging FWD by working better

Our vision: We will promote dignity, equality and safe working conditions for all people across our value chain until fair incomes and respect for human rights are the norm.

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Delivering FWD

We are delivering FWD by consuming better

Our vision: We will engage consumers and partner across the industry to develop solutions until circularity and transparency is a mindset and consumers are empowered to act sustainably.

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Fashion FWD

Get an overview

Within each of our focus areas, we have short and medium-term goals to achieve by 2025 to help steer our efforts. This is a comprehensive list of our goals.