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The way we run our business

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

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Sustainability report 2016

In our sustainability strategy ‘20by20’ we have set ourselves 20 goals, which will guide our sustainability work towards 2020. This year, we have adjusted our strategy in order to ensure that it continuously reflects a high commitment and ambition level and that it embraces new sustainability tendencies and focus areas.


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Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Supply Chain Management

We continuously work to obtain transparency further back in our supply chain and to make positive changes wherever we have the possibility.

About our supply chain

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Policies & Guidelines

Download our Code of conduct, Child Labour Policy, Chemical restrictions and more

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Animal Welfare Policy

Animals must under no circumstances be caused any harm for the manufacturing of our products

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Sustainability in BESTSELLER

20 by 20

In autumn 2013, BESTSELLER adopted a new strategy called ‘20 by 20’ which will guide our sustainability work towards the year 2020.

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