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Fashion FWD

Policies & Guidelines

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Fashion FWD

Policies & Guidelines

Our business activities involve thousands of workers across the world and have a significant impact on the environment. As such, our sustainability work involves a range of issues from workers’ rights to decent working conditions, as well as animal welfare and chemical management. The welfare of the people making our products and those who wear them, as well as the environment we operate in is important to us. Our range of policies and guidelines describe the ethics, behaviour and requirements we expect from ourselves and our business partners.

Our Code of Conduct requires our suppliers and sub-suppliers to respect human rights, labour rights and environmental protection throughout the production of our products.

Our policies are based on:

  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and key UN conventions such as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • ILO conventions including The International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • Global legislation and industry best practice.

Our global team manages our factory compliance programme, while also working on continuous improvements in the supply chain. We believe in cooperation and incentives in order to improve sustainable business and we therefore work closely with our suppliers and industry collaborations to promote and achieve better standards.

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Code of conduct

BESTSELLER's Code of Conduct describes the ethics and behaviour we want to promote throughout our supply chain and must be signed by our suppliers and handed down in their supply chains.

Read our Code of Conduct here

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Restricted Substances List

BESTSELLER’s Restricted Substances List (RSL) describes the limitation and prohibition of substances in products manufactured for BESTSELLER.

The RSL has been developed based on the latest legislation, precautionary principles and industry best practice – both in production countries, and where our products are sold.

Download BESTSELLER's Restricted Substances List

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Wear & Care

Your worn out clothes have reuse and recycling value – don’t throw them away.

This guide provides you with useful advice to help you care for and maintain a long-lasting wardrobe, while also taking care of the environment.

Wear & Care guide

Policies & Guidelines

BESTSELLER's sourcing regions of particular human rights focus

Read about BESTSELLER's approach in sourcing regions with particular risk of human rights infringements or environmental risks. While some regions are banned from BESTSELLER production, others are subjected to a particular Human Rights Due Diligence focus.

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Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Child Labour Policy

No children below the age of 15 can work at our supplier factories. If the statutory minimum age in the country is higher, this is applicable. In case we find child labour we have a clear policy on how to deal with the situation.

Read our Child Labour Policy here

Creating FWD

Animal Welfare

At BESTSELLER, we have taken a strong stance on Animal Welfare. Animals must not be harmed for the manufacturing of our products.

For more than a decade, BESTSELLER has been a fur free company.

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Sustainability in BESTSELLER


In BESTSELLER we respect human rights. It is essential to us that our business does not cause or contribute to adverse impacts on human rights and that our business partners respect human rights.

We acknowledge our responsibility to respect human rights but understand our limitations as an individual company. Therefore, we work in collaboration with industry and external partners to promote respect and support of human rights.


Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Homeworking Policy

In some countries, we allow suppliers to employ workers, who work from home. We have made a Homeworking Policy, which must be followed at all times.

Read our Homeworking Policy here

Policies & Guidelines


At BESTSELLER, we want each and every one of our colleagues to feel welcome and included at work. We believe that diversity and inclusiveness are advantages, promoting quality, good results and strong values. 

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Policies & Guidelines

Sexual harassment prevention policy

At BESTSELLER, we value the well-being of our colleagues. It is important that all colleagues thrive in their daily work and that BESTSELLER is a great place for everybody, including employees, customers, suppliers and other partners. We treat each other with respect and do not tolerate any form of unwanted behaviour in the form of sexual harassment.

Read the policy here

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Illegal Workers Policy

We do not accept illegal workers in our supply chain. Only persons with a valid work permit may be present at the workplace.

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