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Animal welfare policy

Animals must not be harmed for the manufacturing of our products

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Animal welfare policy

At BESTSELLER, we have taken a strong stance on Animal Welfare. Animals must not be harmed for the manufacturing of our products. For more than a decade, BESTSELLER has been a fur-free company. Through the Fur Free Retailer programme*, we give our customers an easy way of recognizing that BESTSELLER does not sell real fur.

Through our membership of the Textile Exchange, we are engaging in animal welfare discussions and we have committed ourselves to sourcing all our wool according to the Responsible Wool Standard by 2025. We will follow developments closely in order to adjust our strategy accordingly.

*BESTSELLER has entered the Fur Free Retailer program together with The Fur Free Alliance (FFA). The FFA is an international coalition of animal protection organisations working to bring an end to the exploitation and killing of animals for their fur.

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Policies & Guidelines

Our range of policies and guidelines describe the ethics, behaviour and requirements we expect from ourselves and our business partners.

We believe in trust, cooperation and incentives in order to improve sustainable business and we therefore work closely with our suppliers and industry collaborations to promote and achieve better standards.

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