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Fashion FWD

Our North Star

Bringing Fashion FWD until we are climate positive, fair for all and circular by design – this is our ultimate ambition, our North Star. It guides our strategy, our goals and the action we take to become as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible.

We will continue to accelerate year-on-year and we will not stop until we have achieved our ultimate ambition:


Our business will have a positive impact on our planet’s climate across our value chain by removing more greenhouse gases than we emit.


Everyone working in our value chain will be empowered by jobs that are safe, that protect human rights and provide fair incomes and opportunities for everyone to reach their personal potential.


Our business model will be based on design principles that prioritise efficiency and the reuse of resources at every level, from fibres to water and chemicals to post-consumer, in order to minimise waste and keep resources in use.

This ambition challenges us and sets the guiding North Star for our current and future decisions. It is a huge challenge that will require continuous improvement, massive effort and innovation from all of us at BESTSELLER, as well as our suppliers and new and existing partners.  We have work to do and progress will not be easy. We are convinced that we need to know the destination we are aiming for, so we can plan the route to get there.

Our Fashion FWD strategy sets our near-term direction and keeps us accountable with goals to achieve by 2025. When we have achieved these goals, we will then set new ones, always aiming higher towards our North Star.

Fashion FWD

The Fashion FWD strategy

Learn more about our goals and the action we are taking to become as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible.

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Fashion FWD

Invest FWD

We believe real change happens through a combination of continuous improvement and strategic innovation and collaboration.

Invest FWD is BESTSELLER’s new investment platform to accelerate sustainable innovation and solutions.


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Fashion FWD

Letter from our CEO

This is a significant moment for our company as we introduce our ambitious new sustainability strategy – Fashion FWD. Sustainability and business go hand-in-hand. Building on the good progress we have made to date, we must now go to the next level so operating sustainably throughout our value chain becomes second nature to us.

- Anders

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