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Invest FWD

Accelerating sustainable change

Invest FWD is BESTSELLER’s investment platform to accelerate action towards the future that we want for fashion: one that is climate positive, fair for all and circular by design.

Our sector has a significant impact and influence on global challenges: from climate change and resource constraints to human rights and women’s empowerment. It is important we are part of the solution that addresses these challenges. Investing in a more sustainable future for fashion can build resilience in our business, while providing benefits for people and the planet.

At BESTSELLER, we believe that change happens faster when innovation is supported with the means to thrive and reach commercial scale. By investing both within and outside the business, Invest FWD provides the capital to accelerate positive outcomes for BESTSELLER and the broader industry on the most critical sustainability issues covering the full life cycle of fashion: from raw materials, to production and post-consumer use.

Strategic and disruptive innovation – Focus areas

To spark the most significant changes and truly disrupt the status quo, our investments must be well planned and with specific purposes in mind. Invest FWD’s strategic approach targets entrepreneurs, business incubators and accelerators, research institutions and fashion hubs to find the cutting-edge solutions our industry needs and Fashion FWD demands.

Here are some examples of concepts and products we want to invest in:

  • Low impact and circular materials (e.g. turning waste into sustainable fibres)
  • New supply chain technologies (e.g. waterless dyeing, 3D printing and blockchain)
  • New business models (e.g. second-hand retailing)
  • Partnerships for women’s empowerment (e.g. promoting further life-skills to workers in our supply chain)
  • Renewable energy, conservation and natural carbon sinks (e.g. organic cotton farming)

Our opening investments

We look forward to evolving our investment portfolio over the coming years to build on our three inaugural initiatives for Invest FWD. We have become a partner in an organisation called Fashion for Good where we work with major fashion companies to identify and cultivate the next generation of sustainable solutions. We have also partnered with energy company Better Energy to build our own solar power plant, thus taking an initial step towards its ultimate ambition of becoming climate positive.

Invest FWD

Fashion for Good

In 2018, we became a strategic partner in Fashion for Good, a global community of brands, producers, retailers, suppliers, NGOs, innovators and funders united around shared ambitions of positively transforming the fashion industry. With our partnership, we aim to identify and grow new sustainable innovations and solutions through Fashion For Good’s Innovation Platform.

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Invest FWD

100% renewable energy for owned and operated buildings