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Overview of our sustainability claims, certified and branded materials and minimum requirements


Fibres and materials are essential to fashion. Year round we create accessories and garments made from a range of natural and man-made fibres that can be cut and sewn into clothing. BESTSELLER is naturally committed to sourcing and using materials that have less impact on the environment with a reduced water, energy and chemical footprint.

Collaborating with major sustainable textile initiatives, such as Fashion for Good, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Textile Exchange, Make Fashion Circular, Better Cotton and Organic Cotton Accelerator, we are continuously conducting research on market trends, innovative processes, technologies and fibres that enable the transitioning of the fashion industry into a more sustainable and circular one.

Read more about our goals for material sourcing in our Fashion FWD strategy.

Our sustainability claims 

In order to help our customers navigating through collections from all BESTSELLER brands, we understand the importance of communicating about products which are the more sustainable choice. Therefore, BESTSELLER has composed the following overview for claiming sustainability on product level. This indicates what to expect when a product is labelled 'certified and branded' or 'Fashion FWD materials' in BESTSELLER. 

Minimum requirements 

In our Fashion FWD strategy, we have set ambitious goals in transitioning our raw material use to certified and branded materials. To maintain a standard that will nicely compliment these goals, as well as ensure transparency and integrity, we enforce a minimum content requirement necessary for us to make a more sustainable product claim. Unless the fibre does not support a high percentage of certified and branded material due to quality issues (see specified in our “Fashion FWD materials overview" below), the minimum content requirement of certified and branded material for a BESTSELLER brand to be able to make a claim on the product is at least 50%. This can be a mix of two or more of these materials as long as they total a minimum of 50%.

Furthermore, BESTSELLER makes use of global sustainability certification programmes to ensure the integrity of the certified and branded materials we use.

Overview of minimum content requirements


BESTSELLER focuses on organic, recycled and innovative materials. Get an overview and learn more about each of our Fashion FWD materials and their minimum content requirements.

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Creating FWD

We are creating FWD by designing responsibly

Our vision: We will increase the use of more sustainable materials year-on-year until all our products are circular by design.

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