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Our Offices in Germany

Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt Am Main, Hamburg, Mönchengladbach, Munich, Stuttgart

With more than 560 stores, Germany is our largest market in Europe. We have been on the German market since 1996 where we started selling VERO MODA and ONLY. The following year NAME IT joined. Today, we sell all brands to the German consumers. Our offices are located all over Germany, Hamburg being the largest with around 100 colleagues. 200 colleagues work with wholesale in Germany and 4,700 with retail.

ModeCentrum is the fashion district of Hamburg and where our main office in Germany is located. The office has expanded several times due to out growth in Germany, and today it holds both office facilities and showrooms.

Working in Germany

Career opportunities

- Buying
- Finance
- Retail
- Merchandising
- Administration
- Sales
- Marketing
- HR

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