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BESTSELLER in the Netherlands

Meet Diego Lopez who is an iOS Mobile Engineer and Scrum Master in BESTSELLER E-commerce in Amsterdam.

What do you do as a Mobile Engineer in BESTSELLER?

As a Mobile Engineer in BESTSELLER I perform a dual role: I am an iOS Mobile Engineer in the Mobile Development Team, where my team and I develop new features for BESTSELLER’s iOS apps. Also, I am Scrum Master of the Omnichannel & Mobile Development Teams. At the moment, I am working on redesigning our apps which means that they will have a new look and feel in the near future.

What I like the most about being an iOS Mobile Engineer is to know that people will use something that I have actually created. You could say that my solutions somehow facilitate the lives of other. 

What is it like to work in BESTSELLER E-commerce in Amsterdam?

As a “technical guy” it means a lot to me to be part of a company with an innovative approach to software development. BESTSELLER is definitely a company that continually pushes to build high-quality software, and this is something that impacts my everyday work, since it gives me the freedom to try out new things.

I would say that in BESTSELLER, we strike a good balance of working hard while having fun. During working hours, people and teams are focused on their tasks and responsibilities, but we are never too busy to have a chat by the coffee machine. Also, my colleagues are always up for having some fun – for example at the monthly Friday Sessions and other social company events. With more than 100 colleagues at the office, the atmosphere at these kinds of events is great.   

How would you describe the office in Amsterdam?

In my opinion, there are many great things to highlight about our office in Amsterdam. First of all, the location is amazing since it is in the city centre so everything is accessible from the office. The first time I entered the office, I was super excited to see that you had to press an iPad to get a cup of coffee or a glass of water! To see that BESTSELLER was using a mobile application to serve coffee was something that really impressed a Mobile Engineer like me. 

What is the best tradition that you have at the Amsterdam office?

The most memorable and unique tradition that we have is definitely the fashion event which we host for our customers every six months. We have a catwalk and some of us even have to walk on it like we are professional models. This always gives us a great laugh!

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