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The days of printed NOOS catalogues are over at VERO MODA, with the brand having gone ‘all in’ on their digital transformation. A shift that benefits both our colleagues and our customers.

In May, VERO MODA realised something. For the annual cost of printing NOOS catalogues, the brand’s entire sales team could be equipped with an iPad that would become their one-stop work station.

All aspects of a VERO MODA salesperson’s daily routine would be possible via digital solutions preinstalled on the iPad – from checking emails and tracking sales to live streaming sales meetings. Basically, the Swiss Army Knife of sales tools.

The idea corresponded perfectly with VERO MODA’s desire to always deliver the best tools to the business, cut costs and focus on their journey towards sustainability, so having confirmed the business case, the brand’s digital team set about making ‘Operation iPad’ a reality.

The sustainability benefits are obvious. VERO MODA is now virtually paperless – NOOS catalogues are now 100 percent digital and hosted on VERO MODA’s B2B portal VERO MODA VENUE – while the ability to live stream sales meetings is not only critical post-COVID-19 but also significantly reduces travel time.

VERO MODA’s Brand Director Jesper Reismann sees a direct correlation between digitalisation and growth. For example, his sales colleagues will be able to spend more time targeting new customers as their iPad makes other processes more efficient.

“Digitalisation has been a top priority in VERO MODA for some time now, as it drives smarter processes across all activities, and it will be even more in focus for the future,” Jesper says.

“The COVID-19 impact has accelerated the general digital evolution across all aspects of life and encouraged us to speed up the utilisation of this development for our business. In VERO MODA we have developed and are constantly optimising our digital tools to support smarter and more efficient work, creating a far better B2B process and resulting in better results both for us and our business partners.”

Providing value for customers

It is not only our colleagues in VERO MODA benefitting from the brand’s dedication to digitalisation. VERO MODA is the first BESTSELLER brand to include a digital content package containing photos and videos of models wearing collection products on BESTSELLER’s digital B2B sales platform DIRECT.

Not only can customers see what a style looks like when it is worn, they can download the content for free when they purchase a style and use it on their own online channels.

“The possibility for live streaming and providing our customers with a digital collection universe will make our everyday work more flexible and give us a chance to react faster to a broader audience,” says Anne Kathrine Jensen, Regional Sales Manager at VERO MODA.

“At the same time we will be able to optimise our time, and thereby spend more time on the things that gives value to our customers and VERO MODA.”

Continuing to build

With BESTSELLER’s digitalisation push gaining momentum across all brands, our VERO MODA colleagues want to avoid complacency and continue to accelerate the evolution of their brand.

Helene Winther, VERO MODA’s Online Sales Manager, explains: “Now that we are suddenly much further down the digital road than originally expected, we want to maintain the momentum. We are now considering our sales people as digital sales people and, with their new iPad by their side, they can do business from everywhere at any time.”

“Personally, I am very excited to see where this journey leads us, and I feel confident that VERO MODA will not only strengthen relationships with existing customers, but also attract new ones with our digital initiatives and customer care.”

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