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Less than nine months from launching a brand to an actual product is available in stores – POSTYR has hit the ground running.

POSTYR’s first collection is online and available for purchase as momentum increases at one of BESTSELLER’s newest brands.

The teaser collection for Summer 18 was launched on Wednesday on, another other partner sites, and it is just a taste of things to come, with the team behind POSTYR set to release their first full collection in July for Autumn 18.

“This teaser collection has no rules and has a mix of the strongest trends. The strongest theme is contrasts, such as dull and shiny, oversized and fitted and feminine versus masculine,” says Design Manager Åse Wasbrekke.

“Every style is a blend of quality materials, unique details, and sustainable choices.”

Seeing POSTYR’s products online was a landmark moment for Brand Manager Gitte Skaarup.

“To have actual products available for actual customers makes POSTYR suddenly feel like something you can truly touch. A date we have been looking forward to,” says Gitte.

“Our little team is buzzing; this moment has been a great goal of ours. The next important step is the first full-blown collection.”

POSTYR’s debut collection will get a boost in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium, as the German E-commerce site has television advertisements planned in those markets for the final week of April.

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