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BESTSELLER made great strides towards sourcing 100 percent more sustainable cotton in 2018 – a key transition in our journey towards a more sustainable reality.

Cotton is BESTSELLER’s most important raw material by volume, representing over 40 percent of our total fibre use. As such, we can have a significant positive impact by switching to more sustainable cotton alternatives.

As part of our sustainability strategy Fashion FWD, we have committed to sourcing 100 percent of our cotton from more sustainable alternatives, where 30 percent must be organic.

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, which protects natural resources, as well as the people who farm, process and work with cotton.

In BESTSELLER, NAME IT and SELECTED are the leading brands in terms of sourcing organic cotton. To mark today’s launch of the World Trade Organization’s World Cotton Day, CSR Manager Joan Søndergaard Nielsen explains why NAME IT has made organic cotton a priority.

“Big impact requires big changes, and big changes are needed to take care of our planet for future generations. Cotton makes up two thirds of all fibres used in NAME IT garments, so naturally this is where our main focus is and where we can make the biggest impact,” Joan says.

“By sourcing certified organic cotton, we support the big efforts being made to improve cotton’s impact on the environment. Organic cotton prioritises soil health, promotes biodiversity and restricts the use of hazardous pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.”

Front of mind

In 2018, NAME IT sourced 45 percent of its cotton from organic farmers, while SELECTED’s cotton supply included 44 percent organic cotton.

These are impressive numbers considering organic cotton represents less than one percent of the global market.

“Our teams have increased our organic cotton volumes significantly by making sustainability a key priority in every material sourcing discussion,” Joan says.

“And by collaborating both internally and with our preferred suppliers, we have managed to increase our sourcing of more sustainable cotton significantly over the past few years.”

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