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Innovative black jeans from ONLY will go on sale next month and underline BESTSELLER’s ongoing drive for a more sustainable future.

Replacing your faded black jeans with a crisp new pair may be a thing of the past thanks to ONLY’s Forever Black denim.

The BESTSELLER brand has linked up with innovative Pakistan-based denim manufacturer Soorty to create Forever Black in collaboration with LENZING AG – a world leader in the production of wood pulp-based fibres.

The TENCEL™ Modal fibres in black colour, which are the primary component of Forever Black, are produced with responsibly sourced wood pulp – rather than traditional cotton – and are pre-dyed in the process of turning the wood pulp into fibre.

Credibility is critical

TENCEL™ Modal fibres are certified with the EU Ecolabel, which is awarded to products that meet high environmental standards throughout their life cycle.

In the case of TENCEL™ Modal fibres, there is a reduction of up to 50 percent energy and water, as well as a 60 percent reduced carbon footprint.

“It is vital that BESTSELLER’s brands work with sustainability leaders like LENZING AG because their products are backed up by credible data and certifications,” says BESTSELLER’s Sustainable Material Manager Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen.

The next step

Forever Black maintains the focus ONLY’s sub brand – ONLY BLUE DENIM – has on combining sustainability and innovation in the field of denim – a concept they call Rethinking Denim.

Working with Soorty, ONLY is scrutinising the entire denim production process in the search for more sustainable solutions. For one of their 2019 collections, ONLY has recently ordered 40,000 pairs of jeans that will use recycled polyester for stitching.

On average, each pair will use the equivalent of four 500ml plastic bottles, meaning ONLY’s order will effectively recycle 160,000 plastic bottles to produce enough thread.

“When a brand like ONLY takes another step towards a more sustainable future, it will always have a significant positive impact due to the brand’s size and the volume of their orders,” says Camilla.

A life-long partner

Kenneth Bennetzen, Product Manager at ONLY BLUE DENIM is certain that Forever Black will be the market leader in terms of holding its black colour.

“Besides the more sustainable benefits of TENCEL™ Modal fibres compared to cotton, we are bringing a fabric, which will truly be black forever, creating a life-long partner for our consumers,” says Kenneth.

“Forever Black is the result of the hunger and urge at ONLY BLUE DENIM to create and deliver great innovation at democratic prices for our customers and consumers.”

ONLY’s Forever Black will be available online and across all European stores from July.

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