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A ‘revolutionary’ chapter has been written in the history of JACK & JONES, with the brand having held its first digital collection launch. 

BESTSELLER’s digitalisation transformation took a big step forward last week as JACK & JONES streamed its Spring 2021 collection launch to colleagues from 21 countries around the world. 

A huge digital event that was first conceived two months ago.

“Our original plan was to have our global sales team in Denmark for this collection meeting, but this was turned upside down because of COVID-19, so we decided to go 100 percent digital and create the ultimate digital collection meeting,” says Dennis Birk Jørgensen, Sales Director at JACK & JONES.

The idea seemed simple enough but executing it proved to be another matter.

“In the beginning of this project, we spoke with people from outside BESTSELLER with experience within livestreaming and they told us that what we wanted to do was not possible,” says Mikael Mørkholt Rasmussen, who manages JACK & JONES’ Digital B2B team, which was responsible for driving the project from idea to execution.

Mikael continues: “Instead of giving up or scaling down, we decided to take on this revolutionary project with an experimental mindset and a combination of internal resources and the digital tools at hand.”

The result was a two-day series of live streams from the brand’s HQ in Brande. In total, JACK & JONES broadcast 20 hours of content from 16 different showrooms via DIRECT.

The global event consisted of 15 individual streams, plus corresponding Q&A sessions via Microsoft Teams and numerous pre-produced videos – including one with Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen – while Anders Holch Povlsen and JACK & JONES Brand Director Anders Gam made special live appearances.

New ways of working

The digital launch of JACK & JONES’ Spring 2021 collection reflects BESTSELLER’s digitalisation development, which has surged forward because of restrictions related to COVID-19. 

At JACK & JONES, the valuable experience has already sparked further use of the livestream technology.

“Already the first day after our collection launch – our JUNIOR and FOOTWEAR teams organised additional live streams with their sales colleagues in country offices and we have seen countries using live streaming to run their external collection meetings,” says Dennis Birk Jørgensen, Sales Director at JACK & JONES.

Going forward JACK & JONES will be working with two different livestreaming options: a simple ‘plug-and-play’ solution that can be easily implemented on a day-to-day basis and an advanced livestream solution for bigger events.

“The huge win for us with this project is that everyone has now become much more comfortable with setting up and using livestreaming on a day-to-day basis. It creates a much greater sense of togetherness with colleagues or customers than other remote solutions, although there is always room in JACK & JONES for a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting,” Dennis says.  

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