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Knowledge sharing – both internally and externally – is strengthening BESTSELLER IT and building our reputation in the global tech community.

BESTSELLER IT’s Engineering Services team didn’t really know what to expect when they started a blog about their work last year.

They believed that people and organisations outside of BESTSELLER might benefit from the open source projects they were working on but testing that theory required a leap of faith. Thankfully, the ‘BESTSELLER Tech Blog’ has been well received, while the process of writing blog posts has also aided our colleagues.

“For us, the key takeaway has been that to explain the work we do, so that other people can actually understand it and utilise it, we have had to polish it, which has made our solutions better,” says Brett Wright, System Engineer in BESTSELLER IT.

“The blog provides us with a marketing channel to the wider IT community, and we are hoping that this transparency can strengthen BESTSELLER IT’s brand amongst tech professionals and – by extension – attract new talent.”

System Engineer Peter Brøndum adds:

“We have shared the blog on various online communities and forums and the posts have been well received, spawning a bit of discussion. People are actually using our stuff, which is super cool!”

What is ‘open source’

‘Open source’ refers to a collaborative product development or programming method where the source code – effectively the software’s blueprint – is made publicly available, so anyone can read it and use it. Users are encouraged to suggest code changes, raise issues or request features for the software’s authors to work on.

Thanks to this peer review system, open source programming can often be more reliable, flexible and cheaper. One relatively well-known example is the Linux operating system, which is the largest open source software project in the world.

“Some of the greatest systems and software has come from open source collaboration. We really like the transparency that open source provides and the fact that if you see a problem you can participate and contribute to a solution,” Peter says.

“Actually, most of the tech giants – like Google and Microsoft – are heavy contributors to the open source community. There is heaps of creativity out there and we get a lot of inspiration from that.”

Knowledge sharing improves ‘technical capabilities’

The BESTSELLER Tech Blog reflects our IT colleagues’ overall commitment to knowledge sharing for professional development. So far it is only the Engineering Services team that has written posts but they hope that will change in the future.

Internally, BESTSELLER IT is also setting up tech communities to facilitate collaboration across the department. The goal is to provide colleagues with inspiration and professional feedback, so they can improve.

“Reboot of our tech communities will strengthen our focus on knowledge sharing, cross-team collaboration and – last but not least – improve our technical capabilities at BESTSELLER. Over time, this will bring our teams in IT even closer together and strengthen our relationship with our brands and the teams working with tech-heavy products,” says Lars Hjørnholm, Product Owner at BESTSELLER IT.

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