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After several months of research and development, JACK & JONES’ new brand identity is official. The fresh look is central to the brand’s long-term growth plans.

JACK & JONES has come a long way since it began 18 years ago, progressing from a team of guys with a passion for denim to BESTSELLER’s biggest brand and one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear.

There has been plenty of success but to take the next step brand directors Anders Gam and Peter Kristiansen decided to reboot.

“Last year we set out a new strategic direction for our brand. We want to go back to our core business and do to what we do best – jeanswear,” Anders says.

“We’ve revisited every corner of our brand and set some ambitious goals to grow our business. As a starting point we have simplified and refreshed our communication efforts, which we’re now launching.”

The new brand identity is based on that admiration for denim. Blue is the primary colour, the logo has been modernised – including the return of the ampersand that is formed by two Js – and communication materials emphasise JACK & JONES’ four brand values: Masculine, Social, Refresh, Craftsmen.

Welcome to the Denim Brotherhood

JACK & JONES’ website and social media channels have received an overhaul for today’s external launch.

“We think of JACK & JONES as a denim brotherhood, and when it comes down to it, that’s what the new visual identity is about,” Peter says.

“We want the guys to feel at home when they go into a JACK & JONES store, like it’s a place where they want to hang out. The same goes for our online store and social media.”

Reviewing a brand’s identity is not a simple task and JACK & JONES approached it from various angles.

“When we decided to change, we set up an internal taskforce team. The team consisted of people with different skills and competencies,” Peter says.

“We also conducted extensive consumer research, giving us valuable insights, which were used in the process. To help us look at ourselves from the outside, we asked an external agency to bounce our ideas off and inspire us.”

Growth plans

With over 1000 retail stores around the world, it will take a while before JACK & JONES completes a universal rollout of the new look.

“Launching a new visual identity is the basis of our long-term growth plans. We aim to develop our business and we will do that on several parameters in the years to come,” Anders says.

Other initiatives that JACK & JONES has recently introduced are plus-size collections and collections for boys aged 8-16. The latter is known as JACK & JONES JUNIOR.

“By widening our size specs we’re able to cater for a wider audience and create lifetime consumers,” Anders says.

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A New Direction

Brothers of Denim

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