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Less than two months since taking over at SELECTED, Brand Director Daniel Mayer has a really good feeling about the future.

It has been a frantic period for Daniel, who has moved with his family from the German city Dusseldorf to Vejle, Denmark, so he could join SELECTED after 15 years with Esprit.

SELECTED’s situation was less than ideal when Daniel arrived, as one of its key focus areas – tailoring – was severely impacted during the global pandemic.

But he is very confident that his new colleagues can help turn things around.

“This first period has shown me that it’s possible to make a really profitable growing business out of SELECTED. Fashion is a people business and the people that I have met have the right mindset. I think they want to be winners and there’s a lot of talent here,” Daniel says.

“We have a huge opportunity to bring the business back on track because men and women are looking to upgrade their wardrobes.”

Creating the future

Throughout our interview, Daniel is friendly, quick to smile and relaxed. There is, however, no doubt that he takes his work seriously and is committed to improving SELECTED’s situation.

For example, Daniel believes that SELECTED’s upcoming new home in Brande, which is expected to be finished by early 2024, brings with it a certain obligation. He is convinced that SELECTED must “earn it”.

To take the first steps towards doing that, Daniel has started a project at SELECTED that has been dubbed Creating the Future to help define the brand’s future strategy.

“We’ve already defined our new management group – we call it the Creating the Future group – from Buying, Marketing, Retail, Wholesale and E-Com. We are one group and we’re conducting different workshops: What is our brand position? What is our product direction? What is our competitive environment? How can we get market shares? And how do we bring it out to the market? Right now, we’re defining the status quo. What is working? What isn’t working? What don’t we want to do? What are the consequences?” Daniel says.

No culture shock

After growing up on a remote farm in southern Germany, and having lived in Bangladesh, Hong Kong and the United States, Daniel insists that settling in in Denmark shouldn’t be a problem.

“I grew up on a farm and it was 550 metres above sea level and the next neighbour was 3.5 kilometres away. It took me 1.5 hours to get to school in the winter and if it was a real winter I was able to go skiing to the bus. Therefore, I don’t think culture shock is possible for me,” Daniel says with a smile.

Daniel’s introduction to the fashion industry came selling sporting goods and apparel in an Intersport store when he was a teenager. He then studied International Fashion and Textile Management at university – where he met his wife – and, after spending a period working in the United States, he had the opportunity to join Esprit’s trainee programme.

Throughout his career, Daniel has always been “fascinated” by BESTSELLER, so he began the recruitment process in a positive frame of mind.

“Then I met Anders and, based on his visionary thoughts, I think that was the point that turned it massively for me. The last factor, which was most important, was my wife because if she hadn’t said ‘ok, we as a family want to live here in Denmark and our boys will love it’, then, you know, we wouldn’t be here,” Daniel says.

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