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BESTSELLER Business Development is using BESTSELLER Rømerhus in Aarhus to test the value of a new digital solution for all brands.

Known as Zliide, the digital solution is multifaceted and BESTSELLER Business Development is keen to analyse whether end-consumers are ready to embrace the technology, and which demographics are more interested – both based on age but also the brands they buy.

SELECTED has been trialling Zliide at one of its Aarhus-based stores for a few months already and have been impressed by how many customers continue to use the app after their first in-store introduction. Another SELECTED store in Copenhagen will join Zliide this week and four more stores are lined up for early next year.

“Rømerhus is a great test location because of its high visibility and the fact it stocks the majority of BESTSELLER brands,” explains Astrid Lund Jensen, who is a Business Analyst in BESTSELLER Business Development.

“We are really interested in getting to know the customer base for each of our brands, and what brands will be performing best regarding both the self-check-out and the online solution. With Black Friday and the beginning of Christmas shopping coming up, we are also interested in how Zliide’s solutions will help our retail colleagues and whether Zliide can handle the amount of customers and their expectations.”

Multiple benefits

Zliide is an app-based solution that provides stores with an individual online store, home delivery within three hours via bike couriers for customers within 10 kilometres of the store, and self-checkout via the app for customers in the store.

The self-checkout system is based around an intelligent anti-theft tag that unlocks via Bluetooth when the individual style is purchased through the Zliide app. It gives customers the option to avoid queues at the checkout, while our retail colleagues can better tailor their service to each individual customer.

“It gives us a bit more space and time to work because we can actually give those people who are looking for an experience what they want, and it should be an experience at Rømerhus! For those customers that, as it were, have headphones on and don’t want any help, I don’t have to worry about them,” says Simon Tornbjerg, who is a full-time member of staff at Rømerhus.

“So it makes everything a bit easier, and it provides more time for the full experience for those customers, who quite simply want that kind of service.”

The long game

While Business Development’s trial period with Zliide took just a month to organise, Rømerhus has been aware of the young entrepreneurs behind the app since 2019.

“I actually first met with Zliide two years ago and was introduced to their concept and so on. At that time, I wasn’t completely convinced but around six months ago I was contacted again and they were further along with their own process, you could say,” explains Rømerhus’ Retail Manager Louise Ejersbo Jensen.

In between those two meetings, Zliide had established themselves at a handful of stores in Aarhus and Copenhagen and, after being shown around some of Zliide’s existing clients, Louise was convinced. For her, COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we think about retail.

“There is no doubt that we have had to think much more about SoMe, much more about how we connect with customers elsewhere than in the physical store. That’s also what our partnership with Zliide is about. It’s an extension of the other initiatives, for example with social media, that we have had to embrace during these lockdown periods,” Louise says.

“I also think that our customers have gotten used to shopping another way. Of course, we have been lucky to have many customers returning to our store again, but everyone has been spoiled with shopping on so many different platforms and we need to be a part of that development.”

Smooth collaboration

Louise adds that Zliide have been very easy to work with, while also praising BESTSELLER Business Development for “providing context and structure” to the collaboration.

It wasn’t until August that BESTSELLER ultimately decided to run a trial with Zliide, but once the decision was made things moved quickly.

“So many colleagues have been ready to move fast and meet our questions and assignments with a really positive attitude and the required speed,” Astrid says.

“Without colleagues from various departments and fields of knowledge, our launch date on 10 September wouldn’t have been possible.”

There is plenty of optimism within BESTSELLER about what Zliide can offer. The question is whether our end-consumers are convinced?

“They have been just as excited as me. I really think that it’s magical. I’m buzzing!” Simon says.

“It’s because it’s new and exciting and I can see that it works and that it’s smart. I think that the customers have really embraced it, so it’s going to be exciting.”

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