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BESTSELLER supports new retail management Master's degree

Along with a select group of Danish foundations and business partners, BESTSELLER has decided to fund a new Master’s programme aimed at securing a skilled talent pipeline of candidates with in-depth knowledge of management aspects within the retail industry. 

The Commercial and Retail Management Master’s programme is aiming for a 20-30% international student representation, which goes well with our ambitious international retail plans.

The first candidates will be available for hire in the summer of 2022, but we will be able to get a first impression of potential candidates already in the autumn of 2021 when they will spend their third semester as business interns before they go back and finish their thesis in the spring of 2022. 

”The candidates from the new programme will be a great match for some of the roles we will be looking to fill in JACK & JONES in the coming years, as we plan to expand our retail setup. In-depth knowledge of the management side of running a retail operation will be a valuable starting point when recruiting talent to work in this space,” says Retail Buying Director from JACK & JONES, Ole Bech.

About the programme

The programme will focus on retail-related areas, such as:

  • Consumer behavior in a retail setting
  • Retail strategy, innovation and trend management
  • Supplier-retailer relations management
  • Price and promotion management
  • Performance and margin management
  • Range, category and brand management
  • Stock and waste management
  • Business negotiations

Founding partners

Businesses and foundations like BESTSELLER, REMA 1000, ARLA, JYSK and the Salling Foundations are providing funding to get the programme up and running for five years.  

The funding will go towards hiring a professor, junior researchers and other staff needed to secure that the Master’s programme is research-based and lives up to university standards. 

Next step

The next step is to have the programme officially approved by the relevant educational authorities, and once that is in place, Aarhus University and the founding partners – including BESTSELLER – will start attracting the right talent by promoting the Master’s programme to relevant target groups in Denmark and abroad. 

The first registration deadlines will be in the coming spring, with the first students commencing the programme in August 2020.

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