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Empowered Women, Dignified Work, Better Business

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BESTSELLER steps up strategic partnership with BSR HERproject™

BESTSELLER intensifies its long-term partnership with BSR's HERproject™, a collaborative initiative that strives to empower low-income women working in global supply chains.

Having been an active member of BSR’s HERproject™ since 2012, BESTSELLER has now made further commitments and formed a five-year strategic partnership with the initiative, as well as taking a leading role as catalyst member.

To date, BESTSELLER’s work with HERproject™ has reached more than 37,000 women in BESTSELLER’s supply chain across Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. Factoring in HERproject™ programmes supported by other brands, the total number of women in BESTSELLER’s supply chain is just over 50,000.

The new strategic partnership will help BESTSELLER accelerate towards its Fashion FWD goal of supporting 100,000 women in Tier 1 factories to achieve workplace empowerment and improved life skills.

The five-year partnership with HERproject™ is a great step in the right direction for BESTSELLER in strengthening our efforts in women’s empowerment and capacity building in the factories,” explains Dorte Rye Olsen, Sustainability Manager at BESTSELLER.

In addition, BESTSELLER has become a Catalyst Member of HERproject™, making it possible to take a leading role in furthering the impact of HERproject™ by providing strategic advice and thought leadership to steer the direction of the programme.

We are delighted that BESTSELLER is deepening its engagement with HERproject™ through a five-year strategic partnership and stepping up as Catalyst Member. Having already seen the benefits from BESTSELLER’s work with HERproject™, we welcome this new commitment to increase the wellbeing, confidence, and economic potential of even more women workers in its supply chain,” says Christine Svarer, Director, HERproject™.

BSR's HERproject™ is a collaborative initiative that strives to empower low-income women working in global supply chains. Through its HERhealth™ and HERfinance™ programmes, women develop knowledge and skills on health issues and financial management topics. The HERrespect programme focuses on addressing the root causes of violence and sexual harassment against women in the workplace.

BESTSELLER is a company that values diversity and equality. With the sustainability strategy ‘Fashion FWD’, BESTSELLER works towards the ultimate ambition of bringing Fashion FWD until it is climate positive, fair for all and circular by design.

Read more about BESTSELLER’s Fashion FWD strategy here.

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