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BESTSELLER India is donating 20,000 face masks to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The masks will, in collaboration with Center for Environment Education (CEE) India, be distributed to around 200 schools across more than 30 districts in the state of Rajasthan.

This engagement with CEE adds to the collaboration around the BESTSELLER FOUNDATION-funded project with CEE, developing and implementing school materials for middle school students, 10,000+ of which at a targeted 165 schools across 8 cities in India.

The aim of the project is to teach school children about waste management, about perceiving waste as a resource and about circular economy - turning children into ambassadors of a cleaner planet.

“We are very grateful and fortunate to be supported by such passionate and dedicated colleagues. These joint efforts are a great testimony to the valuable collaboration that we at the FOUNDATION are enjoying with so many members of the amazing BESTSELLER family”, says Jannek Hagen, Managing Director, BESTSELLER FOUNDATION.

The project work was kicked off with an online workshop on 30 April – 1 May, not least with great support from three participating BESTSELLER India colleagues contributing with valuable input; Ankur Bhatia, Zian Lakdawala and Ravindra Gavande, each of whom very passionate about social and environmental sustainability issues.

Examples of their efforts include working with children on the street, participating in garbage collection, promoting sanitation awareness, minimizing personal usage of plastics, water and electricity, using local, public mode of transportation and participating in tree planting programmes.

“These unprecedented times have made us retrospect and do our small bit for the people in need. At BESTSELLER India, we have manufactured fashion masks to sell to our customers and we made a commitment to donate one mask for every mask sold at our end. For now, we’ve committed to contributing 20,000 masks but we hope we’re able to do a lot more", says Vineet Gautam, Country Manager, BESTSELLER India.

On behalf of all BESTSELLER colleagues, the 2019/2020 New Year’s gift (Giving the Gift of Nature) were five donations by BESTSELLER FOUNDATION, including the above mentioned to CEE, to different projects in India, each adding a piece to the complex puzzle of tackling waste.

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION looks forward to sharing more on the progress also with the other projects, including the project with WWF on marine plastic debris around the Lakshwadeep islands and its shorelines in the Arabian Sea, which was recently externally announced on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June.

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