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2019 is a year of change at BESTSELLER FOUNDATION, with a new managing director overseeing the development of a new strategy for the next five years. 

Managing Director Jannek Hagen is excited about what is around the corner for BESTSELLER FOUNDATION as he settles into his new role. 

Jannek is focused on the development and launch of a new five-year strategy for BESTSELLER FOUNDATION, which will set its future priorities in the continued pursuit of a better planet – for people and the environment. 

Having been promoted to managing director from within, Jannek is excited to be behind the wheel at this crucial period in BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s history. 

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to contribute to shaping the future of the foundation – the next chapter,” he says. 

“I’ve rolled up my sleeves and enthusiastically approached this task at hand, and I am proud to be working with my dedicated colleagues.  

Investing in a better planet 

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION will continue to prioritise a for-profit approach to bring about lasting change by investing in businesses that can have a positive impact on low-income populations and the environment, in particular.  

Jannek and his team want to prioritise businesses and projects with holistic solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, supporting sustainable economic growth in Africa and India while maintaining and protecting nature and natural resources.  

“We need to increasingly treasure our natural world and its resources and limit further climate change, not least in order to prevent further biodiversity loss. Generally, we need to be much more circular and efficient in our use of resources and materials, and much smarter in managing waste, in reaping value from waste. Otherwise we cannot sustainably support the exponential population growth over the next decades – expected to especially occur in Africa – and improve the living standards of low-income populations,” Jannek says.   

“It is such a privilege to be able to work daily on turning the foundation’s possibilities into reality. This privilege, which I am humbled by, comes with great responsibility and we owe our BESTSELLER colleagues a great deal of thanks. Without their hard work, the foundation wouldn’t have the funds required to make a difference.”  

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION plans to launch its new strategy at the turn of the year and has more exciting news in the pipeline. 

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A New Chapter


Helping people help themselves

BESTSELLER FOUNDATION is an independent charitable fund that helps some of the poorest and most vulnerable people on the planet by promoting self-sustaining and sustainable development through people and partnerships.


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