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How to optimise your linkedIn profile

If you have not yet joined LinkedIn’s 500 million users, you are missing out on phenomenal networking possibilities. If you know how to create an informative, eye-catching profile and engage in useful activities as well as connect with a large pool of professionals, chances are that you might land the job of your dreams. Landing the perfect job is just one of the benefits of focusing more on LinkedIn. It is also a great way for you to increase your knowledge within your field. If you do not know how to do this yet, you will after having read this article.

We had a chat with one of our Senior Recruitment Specialists, Katharina, about how BESTSELLER – and surely a number of other businesses – utilises the possibilities of LinkedIn as a recruitment tool. She said:

LinkedIn is used more and more as a recruitment tool and plays a great role when we search for candidates.” 

In case your profile seems interesting for any of our vacant positions, it is not uncommon for us to initiate a dialogue: we initiate a dialogue with the candidate where we share some information about the position to see if they are interested, and if there is a match, says Katharina.

So, if you want to initiate a conversation potentially leading to your dream job at BESTSELLER, or other businesses, we strongly suggest that you take your profile seriously. The most essential information to add to your profile, according to Katharina, is to describe the tasks and responsibilities you have been dealing with in current and previous positions. Bullet points, she says, can be a sufficient and reader-friendly way to do this.

In order for your LinkedIn profile to reach its full potential, BESTSELLER gives you 10 steps to follow:

Follow BESTSELLER on LinkedIn


Add a profile picture


Write a captivating headline


Change your profile’s URL


Write a compelling summary


Impress with your experience


Mention your educational background


Recommend – and get recommended


Use LinkedIn’s “Open Candidates” function


Be active


Join groups

There are many groups on LinkedIn that can provide you with professional inspiration and offer you interesting network possibilities. Do not miss out on these! We recommend to only join the groups you find relevant to avoid irrelevant updates that may end up feeling as spam, which is something you probably already experience enough in your daily life.

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