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From Uzbekistan

to an international fashion career in Denmark

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An international career in Denmak

This is Gulshanoy

Meet Gulshanoy who came to Denmark to study. Now 8 years later still here, working as International Retail Manager for PIECES.

Where are you from, and how did you end up at BESTSELLER in Denmark?

I was born and brought up in Uzbekistan, but I moved to Denmark at a young age to study. One of my friends from back home was also in Denmark, and he was part of the International Business Trainee Programme in BESTSELLER. I quickly became part of their international hang-out and when I needed an internship, they helped me get in touch with the right people in BESTSELLER. At my first interview I met Troels Holch Povlsen, the founder of the company. I was really nervous. The first question was “so how can you change the business?” I don’t remember what I replied, but it must have been right, because I was given an opportunity to join Henrik Matthiesen in BSR as his PA and become a Retail Coordinator at the same time. I was offered a job as Retail Coordinator. From the very beginning, I have been given so much freedom. I feel like they really believed in me and saw some potential in me. Now I am Retail Manager and in charge of the online business in PIECES.

What do you do in BESTSELLER?

My job includes the responsibility for business development and planning, store concept development, visual merchandising, retail sales and products. Furthermore, I am responsible for our online business on I have a team of colleagues here in Denmark, and country merchandisers and retail operation teams in some of the markets we operate in. One of my most important tasks is to always keep my team motivated, in good times and in tough times as well. That is a skill that I have had to learn. I believe in giving people freedom and I get so excited when I see my employees growing, taking chances and getting better. I like challenges and my favorite part is the development. Developing people and bringing growth into the company for instance by opening a new store or increasing our market share.

What do you like best about working in BESTSELLER?

It is like family. It is so big, but it does not feel like it. The organisation is very flat, and it is very much about “us” and “we” and succeeding together. I also like that failure is not a taboo. There should be room for failure, because then we learn. Decisions are made fast; you don’t have to submit ideas and wait for permission. So it is a great place to grow. It is also a place where you can get a bit confused. Especially if you are not used to working in a flat organisation, but if you are honest and just ask how and why, you will learn. A big part of why I am still in Denmark is because of BESTSELLER. When you have a good job, great colleagues and a place where you feel like home, it is difficult to leave.

What is it like to live in Denmark?

I live in Aarhus now, and I appreciate the quality of life here. People are not stressed, they are relaxed, and the work conditions and the welfare system are really nice. I like it here. And when I need adventures and big cities, they are not far away.

At the waterfront


Our office in Denmark’s second-largest city is an architectural landmark right by the water.

Around 700 colleagues work at our Aarhus office. 

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BESTSELLER has about 17,000 dedicated BESTSELLER colleagues around the world, and cultural differences are considered an advantage promoting quality, good results and strong values.

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With an international airport only 30 minutes away, our head office in Brande is easily accessible.

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