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International trainee programme

Terms of employment and FAQ

BESTSELLER offers you an IBT package consisting of:

  • fully financed accommodation including all costs throughout the entire two-year period. Expenses paid by BESTSELLER per month: Approximately DKK 5500 (EUR 736). 
  • a monthly salary:
    Year 1: DKK 17,000 before taxes (Approximately EUR 2,275). 
    Year 2: DKK 19,000 before taxes (Approximately EUR 2,543). 
  • a financed trip for each Summer and New Year’s break to your home country. 
  • security and insurance package. 
  • financed study trips abroad to both retail and production locations of BESTSELLER

Please note that throughout the programme, it is mandatory for all trainees regardless of nationality to live together with a fellow trainee in an apartment which BESTSELLER provides as a part of the salary.

For non-EU citizens BESTSELLER provides professional assistance regarding work permit and residence permit so you will be guided throughout the entire process.

For both non-EU and EU citizens BESTSELLER will guide you regarding leaving your own country and getting registered in Denmark.

  • It is not necessary having Danish language skills to be accepted at the International Business Trainee Programme. The corporate language in BESTSELLER is English and therefore we do not expect our International Business Trainees to have Danish language skills.

    When our trainees start up the IBT Programme, we offer them a Danish language course, thus our Trainees have the possibility to learn Danish, if they wish so.
  • When graduating from the IBT Programme, we expect our Trainees to have an in-depth knowledge of the chosen area of specialty and understanding of our business. Therefore we expect our Trainees to be able to handle an area of responsibility within his/her area independently after graduating from the IBT Programme.
  • In BESTSELLER we emphasis “learning by doing”, therefore we do not make a career plan for our trainees including a final job position, when they start up the Programme. We will have this dialogue on an ongoing basis throughout the two-year period. Though, we normally say that the sky is the limit, if our trainees are proving results. When recruiting for the IBT Programme we are aiming at hiring trainees that have potential also to be a part of BESTSELLER in the future either in Denmark or at one of our offices around the world.
  • BESTSELLER’s International Business Trainee Programme is a paid programme, meaning that our trainees are receiving a fixed monthly gross salary. Beside the salary all trainee are also receiving fully financed accommodation including all cost throughout the entire 2-year period plus a security and insurance package. Finally the IBT package also includes a financed trip for each summer and New Year’s break to the home country of the trainee.

    Find more information about the Trainee package under ‘Terms of employment’.
  • The International Business Trainee Programme starts up every year at the beginning of June. For each team, we recruit a maximum of 20 new talented, ambitious and business-minded men and women from all over the world with the right mix of personal and professional skills. The 20 IBT positions will be divided between the seven different specialist fields.
  • The International Business Trainee Programme consists of three periods with practical work experience and four school periods with theoretical training. All school periods will take place in Denmark and two of the school periods will also include inspirational trips abroad.

    All costs related to coming to Denmark for the school periods including the inspirational trips are covered by BESTSELLER.
  • It is always an advantage to have work experience within the fashion or retail industry, but experience from other industries could be just as valuable, depending on the specialist field and IBT position the candidate is in the running for.
  • During your first working period in Denmark we will have an ongoing dialogue about the location of your next destination with you, your coach and manager. Your working destinations will be strongly work related and based on an evaluation of your possibilities to develop professionally and at the same time add value to your department in Denmark. Therefore the possibilities to be stationed at a foreign BESTSELLER location can differ among departments and specialist fields.

    If your trainee position do not offer you to work at a foreign BESTSELLER location, we will make sure you get knowledge from either different projects or other departments, which all will be related to your trainee position.
  • All IBT positions are located at one of our offices, but depending on the choice of specialist field and your work areas, a part of your job can also be to work with our stores.
  • Depending on the brand or department, you are working for you will either live in Brande or Aarhus. If your brand/department is located in Brande you will be living in Brande and the same if you are working in Aarhus, you will also be living in Aarhus. You are expected to share an apartment, which is paid by BESTSELLER, with a fellow trainee of same gender, but you will have your own room.
  • As a part of the trainee package, BESTSELLER will pay accommodation for you throughout the entire 2-year period also during your stationing. The IBT Management team will make sure to find an apartment for you in the country/city for your stationing in cooperation with our local offices. If more trainees of same gender are going to be stationed in the same city, they will also share an apartment.
  • You will need a work and residence permit for Denmark, if you are a non-EU citizens. For non-EU citizens, BESTSELLER will provide you with professional assistance to obtain this, so you will be guided throughout the entire process.
    For both non-EU and EU citizens BESTSELLER will guide you regarding leaving your own country and getting registered in Denmark.
  • It is possible to apply for becoming an International Business Trainee in BESTSELLER from 1 December until 12 January the following year for the IBT team starting up at the beginning of June.

    The recruitment process can seem long, but it is necessary since BESTSELLER has to take the application process for work and residence permit into account, which can take up to several months. We will make sure that all trainees are able to start up at the beginning of June as planned.
  • You have to decide, which specialist field(s), you are interested in, when applying for the International Business Trainee Programme. As a part of the first interview, we will discuss this and clarify within which areas you have your interest and competencies.

    Our International Business Trainees work within the same specialist field and in the same IBT position for the entire 2-year programme. This is to ensure both professional and personal development with the purpose of creating business specialists.
  • Yes, you are able to apply for more specialist fields, but we recommend that you apply for your first choice.

    Our recruiters are familiar with all specialist fields and are able to forward you to another specialist field if we find it relevant.