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International Business Trainee

IBT Recruitment process


To give us a chance to learn more about you as a person and to put a face on your application, please record a personal video of max 2 minutes duration as a part of your application. The focus of the video needs to be on your international experience, including;

  • Why did you move abroad?
  • What did you learn?
  • What was the most difficult for you?

After sending your application,

  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail
  • We will process your application together with the rest of the pool on an ongoing basis
  • You will get an update from us within 4 weeks via e-mail.


The first interview will take place online using Microsoft Teams, and you will meet with a recruiter from BESTSELLER’s Talent Management team. The focus of the interview will be the following:

  • Motivation for applying
  • Personal skills
  • Professional qualifications
  • Considerations about moving abroad
  • Expectations (yours/ours)
  • Questions

After the first interview:

  • You will get an update from us within 4 weeks via e-mail


The  second interview will also take place online. You will meet with a recruiter and the manager, who is responsible for the position that matches your specialist field and profile.

You may experience being invited for more second interviews if we find your profile interesting for more positions. The focus of the second interview will be the following;

  • In-depth focus on qualifications and personal competences in relation to the specific job
  • Presentation of answers towards business case questions (prepared at home beforehand)
  • Discussion of assessment tools (has been filled out at home before the interview)
  • Information about the job role, tasks and the department

After the second interview:

  • You will get an update from us within 4 weeks via e-mail


The final step in becoming an International Business Trainee involves the final assessment, our two-day TryOut which will take place online. During these days, the focus will be:

  • Learning more about the BESTSELLER world
  • Expectations to our coming IBTs
  • Assessments
  • Working with a specific business case and present the results
  • A final third interview with manager(s) 

After the TryOut:

  • You will get an update from us within 2 weeks
  • Personal feedback on the TryOut and final interview on phone.


If you are offered an IBT position, the process after the job offer will be the following;

  • Confirmation on job offer on e-mail
  • Receiving contract and job description
  • Arranging your arrival in Denmark
  • For non-EU citizens - applying for work and residence permit (we will support and guide you)

If you have any questions before applying for the International Business Trainee Programme or during the recruitment process, you are always welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your application and wish you the best of luck when applying.

* The recruitment process for non-EU citizen is shorter than the process for EU citizens. This is due to the fact that BESTSELLER has to take into account the time needed to apply for a business visa for the Tryout.

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