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Meet Olivia

From Intern to full-time in BESTSELLER

Meet Olivia, who went from an internship to a full-time job in BESTSELLER.

My career path at BESTSELLER

During my studies, I had the opportunity to conduct a semester as an intern. I was quite sure that I wanted to pursue that opportunity at BESTSELLER. I studied Marketing, so when I saw the internship ad within Employer Branding, I applied right away. When I applied, I saw that you can upload a personal video, but I didn’t do that. After two weeks, I still had not heard from BESTSELLER, so, I thought to myself; I better do the video. I uploaded a short video and two days after I got a phone call and the internship. I had an amazing internship with a lot of responsibility, and when it came to an end, I asked my manager if he could see me staying in BESTSELLER. Two weeks later, I was lucky to land a job at VILA Clothes as Marketing and Social Media Coordinator.

Why did I choose to do an internship at BESTSELLER?

I’ve always been a hard worker. Even when I studied, I had more student jobs at once. I had heard that working at BESTSELLER, your hard work and dedication is always rewarded. Also, I heard that working at BESTSELLER comes with a lot of responsibility, and, if you do well, it can lead to amazing career opportunities. Those factors have always been extremely important for me, so I didn’t have any doubt when starting my career at BESTSELLER.

The most important outcomes of my internship?

During my time as an intern, my team was understaffed. This, however, offered a great opportunity for me: I could take on bigger responsibility and help the team until it was up to speed again. As a result, I was very busy during this period, but it was awesome to experience the level of trust my manager had in me. It sparked a special drive in me.

from internship to a full-time position?

Throughout my internship at BESTSELLER, I learned that there were no real boundaries to the degree of responsibility I could take on, as long as I could deliver a great result. This is the same motivation I took with me when starting my full-time job, and I’m sure that it played a central part in my quickly integrating into my new team and becoming a valuable player from the start.

Climbing the ladder

It’s very general for my generation to prioritise development, learning and good working conditions. These are some of the things you can be sure to experience at BESTSELLER. I’ve grown up with the mantra: ‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’ I carry these words with me on a daily basis, and it agrees very well with the culture I experience at BESTSELLER.

BESTSELLER as a company

Apart from the personal and professional development, I’ve experienced an amazing team spirit and social cohesion in both of the teams I’ve been a part of. Everyone is ready to help each other, no matter how busy they are. You are always met with a smile and a helping hand. To know that you cooperate in achieving the goals and see BESTSELLER develop really contribute to my job satisfaction.

My tips for future BESTSELLER interns?

Buckle up and work hard!


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