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Meet Sissel


Meet Sissel, who has first-hand experience of the benefits of combining traditional study with practical experience at BESTSELLER.


Throughout my time at university, I have met many students that have put a lot of effort into acquiring theoretical knowledge without being able to use that knowledge in real-life situations. My position as a Buying and Design Administration Student Worker at VERO MODA helps me connect my degree, International Business Communication in English, with relevant hands-on experience. 

I started at VERO MODA as an Office Helper in 2018 and I really enjoyed the team spirit I experienced in all departments of VERO MODA. A common theme for the relationships I have with my colleagues is that they are based on mutual trust and our ability to manage the tasks that we have. Of course, our relationships are professional, but our personal lives also play a role and everyone has a friendly interest in each other. 

When I first started at BESTSELLER, I did not know what I wanted to study, but as I tried different tasks through my job, I got more tuned in to what interested me. I realised that I wanted to study International Business Communication in English – a field my manager also has a Master’s degree in, which definitely inspired me – and VERO MODA subsequently offered me a position as a Buying and Design Administration Student Worker. 

Throughout my studies, my position as a Student Worker contributes to my education, as my manager always tries to connect my work tasks to what I’m learning at university. I have also written assignments about BESTSELLER and interviewed several BESTSELLER employees, and my Bachelor’s thesis will revolve around sustainability at VERO MODA.  

Being able to apply theoretical knowledge at a workplace and then feed that real-life experience back into my education is a win-win situation, and it is exactly what BESTSELLER’s commitment to talent development is all about. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Student Worker, a Business Trainee, or an Apprentice at BESTSELLER – you will see the benefits of combining traditional study with practical experience. My manager is not afraid to give me new tasks where I can apply my new knowledge – and this is very beneficial to me. I feel lucky to have this opportunity and I can truly recommend BESTSELLER as a workplace. I have never felt overlooked, and my work is valued by my manager and colleagues. It motivates me to work within an environment where we appreciate each other’s work and always say ‘’thank you’’. This is also what I experience when I meet colleagues across BESTSELLER. Even though we’re a big organisation with many employees, we have a shared team spirit and are all a part of the BESTSELLER family.

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As an intern in BESTSELLER, you participate in the work in the department at the same level as the rest of the team. Therefore, we are also able to consider you a future colleague.

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