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In August 2018, BESTSELLER’s latest group of apprentices celebrated their graduation at our Aarhus office, including Mie Jørgensen – the Apprentice Programme’s 1,000th store apprentice. Get to know Mie here.

What led you to apply for the Apprentice Programme at BESTSELLER?

The decision was quite atypical. I had worked in a PIECES store, which unfortunately had to close. Having dreams of travelling the world, I knew I had to find another job to make this dream a reality. This led me to VERO MODA in the Tarup Center (a shopping center in central Denmark). Quickly, I became hooked and loved working here. So, when the Store Manager asked me if I wanted to complete the BESTSELLER Apprentice Programme and have VERO MODA as my fixed workplace at the same time, I did not hesitate to say yes. Being as happy as I am working here, two more years with exciting school periods thrown in the mix sounded like an amazing opportunity.

How would you describe the experience of being a part of the Apprentice Programme at BESTSELLER?

The opportunity depends a lot on the place you are working during the programme. As I am very happy with my workplace, that contributed positively to the overall experience. I will say that there are some common characteristics for the whole Apprentice Programme. The first one coming to mind is ‘freedom’. You have the ultimate freedom to take advantage of your competencies. For me, I am a very creative person, and I was always allowed to explore and challenge this side of me in my work.

Another thing that comes to mind is that BESTSELLER invests a lot in their people and apprentices, which clearly shines through during those two years. It ensures that the level is high, and you get to be yourself while at the same time being part of a team.

How have the school periods been?

There are eight school periods in total, each one of one week’s duration. They all take place in the picturesque natural surroundings at BESTSELLER CAMPUS.

The professional aspect of the school periods has been extremely rewarding and I’ve been taught a wide range of skills that are very useful to my work at VERO MODA. A lot of the courses deal with the daily operation of our stores and with customer relations. Apart from these, I really enjoyed the course on Situational Leadership. This course taught us how to handle different people as a leader and how to cooperate with your team in the best possible way. Throughout all school periods, our teachers Søren and Vinnie made sure that the quality was high, and that everyone – regardless of their level – became an engaged part of the class.

One of our school periods included a ‘Shop Takeover’. For a week, the permanent teams of the shops went on a well-deserved vacation, while different groups of apprentices took over the daily operations. Needless to say, this required a lot of responsibility from us, and we relied a lot on what we had learned from the school periods to successfully complete this task.

In the very beginning of the school period, each apprentice gets their own DISC-profile that helps to show us the different personality types of all the apprentices. This became a very helpful tool for us to know more about ourselves and others, and we actively used them through all school periods.

Looking back, I’ve always found myself to be an average student. When I started on the Apprentice Programme, however, I truly discovered my passion and it showed on my results! Now, I can proudly call myself a top performing student. 

What does the future hold for you?

I signed a contract to stay at VERO MODA Tarup Center full-time, which I am super happy about. I might build on my education and decide to become a Buying Apprentice through BESTSELLER. Especially the international aspect of Buying motivates me. Whatever the future holds for me, I hope it will continue to be at BESTSELLER.

How would you describe BESTSELLER as a company?

The first thing that comes to mind is ‘down to earth’. Everyone, no matter their position or department, keeps their feet on the ground. Another major quality that I connect with BESTSELLER is happiness. No matter where you go, you will be sure to experience a positive atmosphere. I am also very proud of working for a Danish-based company like BESTSELLER that possesses so many good qualities, human views and always makes a difference for those in need.

What would your advice be for people considering doing the Apprentice Programme at BESTSELLER?

Try it! It’s only two years of your life, and I promise you, you won’t regret it. You will learn so much about yourself and others. I have faced the prejudice about retail being a place for fancy men and women just standing behind a cash register. It’s nothing like this!

Another piece of advice I want to give you is: Be yourself! They will love you for it. Everyone else is already taken.

Meet Mie

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