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Apprentice Education

Application advice

We recruit for our apprentice education on an ongoing basis. This means that we feed our business with potential candidates, when there is a need. It is important for us to get an impression of you both as a person, and as a professional and potential future colleague. Below you’ll find some advice for how to prepare your application, as well as for a potential interview. 


  • Do some research on BESTSELLER and the apprentice education as background knowledge
  • Talk to people in your network to learn more about BESTSELLER’s values and culture
  • Target your application especially for the apprentice education and BESTSELLER
  • Focus on field in the apprentice education that you see yourself in (sales, buying, store or other)
  • Describe your motivations for applying for the apprentice education
  • Introduce and explain your personal skills, and relate them for the field you are applying for
  • Highlight what you have to offer BESTSELLER as an apprentice

When writing an application take into consideration that it should be easy for the recruiter to get an impression of you, your motivation for applying and potential relevant skills for the job. Therefore:


  • Write in a short and concise manner
  • Consider what’s important to include, and what can be left out
  • Prioritise and do not write more than one A4 page


  • Follow a clear and simple structure
  • Include jobs you’ve had and highlight what you’ve learned and how it is relevant in terms of an apprentice position with BESTSELLER
  • Have you engaged in any social activities or sports?
  • Have you taken on any responsibilities in school, or outside of school?


  • Why do you want to become an apprentice with BESTSELLER?
  • Which tasks and areas would you like to work with as an apprentice, and why?
  • How can BESTSELLER benefit from your personal skills and professional qualifications?
  • Where do you see yourself in the future, and why?
  • What are your strengths and areas for improvement, and why?
  • Which are the similarities/differences between BESTSELLERs culture and your values?
  • Do you have any questions regarding the apprentice programme or BESTSELLER in general?

We hope you find our advice helpful and useful, and we are looking forward to receiving your application.

Jobs & Careers

Sales apprentice

You will be a part of the sales team in a specific market at one of our brands where the practical part of your apprentice programme will take place

The sales apprentice programme

Jobs & Careers

Store apprentice

Take part in the daily work and gain insight into areas within sales, service, store operations, merchandising as well as order placement

The store apprentice programme

Jobs & Careers

Buying apprentice

As a buying apprentice you go through a two-year practical programme. The apprentice programme is a good stepping stone for your future career, and if you are among the best apprentices, the programme may very well lead to a future career in BESTSELLER.

The buying apprentice programme

Jobs & Careers

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