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IT in a world of fashion

How does IT fit into a world of fashion? Well, in BESTSELLER, IT means business. We are here to enable our BESTSELLER colleagues in what they do best around offices and stores: design, buy and sell fashion. In other words, IT is an integral part of every step in our value chain.  

Starting already in the very beginning of the creative process at the drawing board, IT is instrumental: PLM, 3D, 2D, Materials, Collections Management, Sales Insights are all areas that are heavily based on IT. 

Next step in the value chain is the actual sourcing process. Our involvement evolves around Vendor Management, Audits, Tech Packs, 3D, samples, pricing, care labels etc.  

When the style has been produced, we need to get it from the manufacturer to our warehouses and from there further out to the actual sales points. We are heavily involved in our logistics and warehouse operations, not to mention customs, planning and photo samples.   

Last step in our value chain is selling the style – whether it is for wholesale or retail. For wholesale, we have developed our own sales app, DIRECT. We also take care of VMI, EDI, CRM and Invoicing. 

Our retail stores are an IT chapter in itself! Point-of-sales systems, back office systems, stock management, omni channel, in-store music systems, customer counters, payment solutions just to mention some.  

IT really does mean business in BESTSELLER!