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Our Five Focus Areas


One of our most important tasks is to ensure good conditions for the people involved in the manufacturing of our products. We must ensure that human rights are respected and that the workplaces are safe and healthy. For many years, our audit programme have helped ensure this, but we continuously meet new challenges that we need to take into consideration.

Training & information for workers

We have always believed in developing strong relationships with our suppliers as the common understanding and respect for one another makes it possible to develop our businesses in a sustainable way. Therefore, we favour suppliers who understand the importance of operating in accordance with the guidelines of our Code of Conduct.

We train and support our suppliers and their workers in various areas such as: 

• Fire safety
• Health and safety
• Workers’ rights and responsibilities
• Nutrition and hygiene

Some of the training is carried out by our own local sustainability teams, other training is done in collaboration with external collaboration partners specialised within the specific area.

Focus Area: Workers

Child Labour

In rare cases where child labour may be found, BESTSELLER has a clear policy on how to deal with these situations.

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Focus Area: Workers

Fire & Building Safety

In June 2013 we signed up to the International Accord on Fire and Building Safety, an agreement between the international unions IndustryALL and UNI Global Union and a large number of international clothing companies

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