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Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Previous Sustainability Reports

Our sustainability reports are a part of the management’s review in our annual report and focuses on the financial year August 1 to July 31 for the companies BESTSELLER A/S and VILA A/S.

BESTSELLER wishes to maintain a high level of information to stakeholders about our company’s development and activities, and with our sustainability report we want to communicate about the processes, the challenges and the results within our sustainability work. The sustainability reporting is primarily addressed to colleagues at all levels and secondarily to suppliers, customers, collaboration partners, NGOs, the media and others. 

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Sustainability Report 2015/16

In our sustainability strategy ‘20by20’ we have set ourselves 20 goals, which will guide our sustainability work towards 2020. In this year’s Sustainability Report, we present the results of the work carried out so far and address some of the issues and challenges we meet on our way. 

Read the full report here

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Sustainability Report 2014/15

We wish to contribute to a sustainable development in the fashion industry by developing our suppliers in a sustainable direction and by inspiring our customers to make more conscious choices by offering more sustainable products

Read the report here

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Sustainability Report 2013/14

Every day we do our outmost to take responsibility for the business we manage.

Read the full report for 2013/14 here

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Sustainability Report 2012/13

"Even though we in BESTSELLER do our best every day and become increasingly better at handling our responsibility, we must acknowledge, that we are constantly met with new and increased demands"

See the report for 2012/13 here

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Report 2011/12

In the past years we have reorganised our work both in Denmark and in the countries where our products are made. Suppliers are now audited by third party auditing companies, and we have a new sustainability management in Denmark and the Far East.

See the report in full here

Sustainability in BESTSELLER

20 by 20

In autumn 2013, BESTSELLER adopted a new strategy called ‘20 by 20’ which will guide our sustainability work towards the year 2020.

Read more about our strategy here