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Our Five Focus Areas

Supply Chain Management

Every year BESTSELLER brands have approximately 250 million products manufactured at approximately 800 factories in Europe and Asia. We acknowledge that this great leverage also brings along a responsibility to ensure that our products are manufactured under the right conditions both for the workers involved in the production and for the environment.

BESTSELLER does not own any factories but we cooperate with suppliers who are willing to meet the commitments of BESTSELLER’s Code of Conduct and Chemical Restrictions. Our Code of Conduct describes the ethics and behaviour that we wish to promote throughout the supply chain and is directed at any supplier and his subcontractors who manufacture for BESTSELLER.

Each product is comprised of many components, such as fabric, thread, buttons, zippers etc., and it goes through a number of processes along the production line, such as dying, printing, finishing etc. which often take place at subcontractors. We continuously work to obtain transparency further back in our supply chain and to make positive changes wherever we have the possibility.

Supplier factory information

Factory list

It is imperative for us to work with our partners in an open and honest way. We continuously seek to create more transparency in our supply chain to address risks and promote positive change. In the light of this, and to provide increased transparency, we are making supplier factory information publicly available.

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Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Code of conduct

BESTSELLER's Code of Conduct describes the ethics and behaviour we want to promote throughout our supply chain and must be signed by our suppliers and handed down in their supply chains.

Read our Code of Conduct here