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Our Five Focus Areas


Textile production seen from a global perspective is resource intensive and can be highly polluting. Large land areas are used for cultivation of cotton, a large number of chemicals are used throughout the production processes of all fibres, and there is huge energy consumption throughout the entire life cycle of products.

To achieve a more sustainable business, we must address the way our products are produced and search for more sustainable materials. In that way we can provide our customers with a range of more sustainable products and use our resources to influence consumer behaviour in making sustainable choices when buying, using and disposing of garments.

Focus Area: Products

Cotton: our most important fibre

As cotton is our most important fibre we must ensure that it is grown with consideration for the environment and the people. It is our aim that by 2020 the majority of our cotton comes from more sustainable sources such as Better Cotton and organic cotton.

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Environment & Chemicals

BESTSELLER's Restricted Substances List

BESTSELLER’s Restricted Substances List is one of the cornerstones of our sustainability work. The restrictions, which are updated annually, are formed according to the precautionary principle and based on the latest scientific research and international and national legislation.

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Animal Welfare Policy

Animals must under no circumstances be caused any harm for the manufacturing of our products

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