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Sustainability in BESTSELLER


In BESTSELLER, we always strive to optimise our buying in order to maximise the number of products being sold at full price to the consumers. Therefore, we continuously work to have the right products, at the right quality, at the right time and at the right price. However, despite these great efforts to optimise our buying and quality control, there will always be a certain amount of unsold or returned products, which we need to dispose of.

Based on both economic and environmental perspectives, we have set up various procedures for reducing waste in our retail business:

  • Products that are not sold at full price in our stores are sold at reduced prices. If not sold at reduced price, the stores handle the disposal individually and according to local laws and regulations.
  • Samples and products with claims are returned to BESTSELLER’s warehouse and are:
    1. Sold at outlets
    2. Donated to charity purposes
    3. Sold to markets where BESTSELLER has no presence
    4. Sold to I:CO to be reused for making new fibres and materials.

Only 0,1 per mille of our products are not sold according to above procedure. Most of these products have been subject to water damage during transportation or the like.