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Five Focus Areas

Working strategically with Sustainability

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The 20 by 20 Strategy

  • 1. The sustainability performance of suppliers is a core selection and business development criteria.

    2. We have full supply chain transparency at our key suppliers and in our core products.

    3. Our operational systems enable and encourage suppliers to develop in a sustainable way.

    4. Sustainable business practices are integrated throughout our entire organisation.
  • 5. Our key suppliers continuously improve their practices to ensure better conditions for workers.

    6. All factories that manufacture our products are safe and healthy workplaces.

    7. Workers are empowered to understand and ensure their own rights in order to improve their working conditions.

    8. We have processes in place that enable our suppliers to pay a fair living wage.
  • 13. We provide our customers with a broad range of more sustainable products across our brands.

    14. The majority of our cotton comes from more sustainable sources, such as Better Cotton or organic cotton.

    15. BESTSELLER’s buying processes and procedures are continuously updated in order to improve animal welfare throughout our supply chain.

    16. We inform our customers on how our products are used, maintained and recycled most efficiently.
  • 9. We work with suppliers and local stakeholders to provide better opportunities for vulnerable groups.

    10. We work in partnerships with local and international organisations to improve social welfare in communities where we are present.

    11. We support cotton farmers and contribute to fair and safe working conditions, as well as reducing the impact on the environment.

    12. We fight poverty and environmental degradation through BESTSELLER FOUNDATION’s investments in projects and businesses that promote self-sustaining and sustainable development.
  • 17. BESTSELLER’s Chemical Restrictions is a leading standard, which reduces our products’ impact on the environment and protects the health of our consumers.

    18. We work with our suppliers to ensure good water management, reduced energy consumption and diligent wastewater disposal.

    19. Our consumption of virgin plastic is reduced.

    20. Our CO2 footprint throughout our internal operations is reduced.

20 by 20

Focus Area: Workers

One of our most important tasks is to ensure good conditions for the people involved in the manufacturing of our products.

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20 by 20

Focus Area: Products

To achieve a more sustainable business, we must address the way our products are produced and search for more sustainable materials

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20 by 20

Focus Area: Communities

Our aim is to contribute to supporting and developing the communities where we operate and hereby make our presence beneficial for both them and us.

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20 by 20

Focus Area: Environment & Chemicals

BESTSELLER’s Chemical Restrictions are one of the cornerstones of our sustainability work. The restrictions, which are updated annually, are formed according to the precautionary principle and based on the latest scientific research and international and national legislation.

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20 by 20

Supply Chain Management

Every year BESTSELLER brands have approximately 250 million products manufactured at approximately 800 factories in Europe and Asia. We acknowledge that this great leverage also brings along a responsibility to ensure that our products are manufactured under the right conditions both for the workers involved in the production and for the environment.

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Sustainability report 2016

In our sustainability strategy ‘20by20’ we have set ourselves 20 goals, which will guide our sustainability work towards 2020. This year, we have adjusted our strategy in order to ensure that it continuously reflects a high commitment and ambition level and that it embraces new sustainability tendencies and focus areas.


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