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Our Five Focus Areas

Environment & Chemicals

We want to limit the impact of our business operations on the environment and ensure that we do not jeopardise the health and well-being of the workers in the supply chain, our colleagues or the consumers.

To achieve this we work with our products throughout their life cycle and address key impacts in the supply chain through the adoption and promotion of Cleaner Production technologies.

In order to produce high quality products, chemicals and dyestuff are used during the entire production cycle. Years ago we developed a restricted substances list called BESTSELLER’s Chemical Restrictions. Our Chemical Restrictions are a list of forbidden or restricted chemicals developed to protect our customers, the people involved in the production and the environment.

Environment & Chemicals

BESTSELLER's Restricted Substances List

BESTSELLER’s Restricted Substances List is one of the cornerstones of our sustainability work. The restrictions, which are updated annually, are formed according to the precautionary principle and based on the latest scientific research and international and national legislation.

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Environment & Chemicals

Waste Water Programme

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