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Our Five Focus Areas


Our operations and behaviour have great impact on millions of people around the world. From people working in our offices and stores to those all the way down the supply chain directly or indirectly taking part in the manufacturing of our products. Our aim is to contribute to supporting and developing the communities where we operate and hereby make our presence beneficial for both them and us.

The core issues in our supply chain are deeply rooted in societal challenges like low income, lack of education and lack of health service. Addressing the issues at the root cause enables us to better improve the supply chain issues while at the same time participating in the development of the local community. This we do in collaboration with international and local partners who bring in their expertise. Combined with our knowledge and close relations with our suppliers this is a solid base for creating improvements.

Focus Area: Communities

HER Project

Bringing together global companies, their supply chains and NGOs, HER Project drives impact for women and businesses via workplace-based interventions on health.

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