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Sustainability in BESTSELLER

Animal Welfare Policy

In BESTSELLER we do not accept that animals under any circumstances are harmed for the manufacturing of our products.

We do not use:

• Real fur of any type in our products.*
• Leather that is not a by-product from animals that have been bred for the food industry.
• Leather obtained from live-skinning or live-boiling.
• Feather or down from birds that have not been bred and raised for the food industry.
• Feather or down from greylag geese due to the risk that they have been force-fed for the production of foie gras.
• Feather or down from birds that have been live-plucked (suppliers are expected to declare their suppliers of feather and down).
• Wool from sheep that have been exposed to mulesing (we require evidence from suppliers that all merino wool for our products are mulesing-free).
• Angora wool
• Mohair (from 2020 and onwards)
• Materials derived from species that appear on the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) or IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) lists of endangered species.

In addition, we require that any materials derived from animals used in our products are from animals that are treated humanely and according to animal welfare laws and recommendations.

Animal testing

In BESTSELLER we do not agree with testing cosmetics on animals. Our suppliers must not be involved in any animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients, or purchase ingredients or products from suppliers which have been involved in such practices.

*BESTSELLER has entered the Fur Free Retailer program together with The Fur Free Alliance (FFA).
The FFA is an international coalition of animal protection organisations working to bring an end to the exploitation and killing of animals for their fur. 

Animal Welfare Policy

Fur free for more than a decade