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Women's Day

Wednesday was International Women’s Day. We had a talk with our Indian colleague Poorva Sharotri, who shared with us her perspectives on gender inequality and how this affects the careers of women in India.

Poorva started her career in BESTSELLER India in 2010 as the head of ONLY buying, and later moved on to head the entire ONLY brand in India. In 2014, Poorva’s impressive results along with her hard work, her mindset and her talent meant that she was given the exciting task of heading VERO MODA in India.

The role of women

Setting the stage, Poorva points out that the male/female ratio in senior management roles is 80/20 in India, and that managing a household is still perceived solely as a women's responsibility. Yet, women are still expected to strike a balance between work and home.

“Despite the fact that I come from an educated part of society, the truth is that gender inequality does exist. Motherhood is a big part of a woman's life journey and even then, she is expected to deliver results equivalent to her male counterpart without giving any concessions for her motherhood responsibilities,” she explains and continues:

“In a normal Indian corporate setup, it takes a woman much more effort to prove herself and to remain in a leadership position. She must constantly strive hard to be noticed, acknowledged and respected. However, it is my perception that the scenario is gradually changing for the good, and in BESTSELLER India, they take pride in practising fair policies with no gender bias. I experience that BESTSELLER provides constant support, belief and guidance to keep me moving ahead and take on more responsibility,” says Poorva.

Poorva experiences that organisations and media are investing a lot in this endeavour and she definitely sees a movement of change in people's mindsets. She is also very much aware of the fact that she, as a professional and modern woman, plays an important role in continually improving women’s rights around the world:

"While I’m reaping the fruits of previous generations’ fight for women’s rights, I am doing my best to make gender inequality a thing of the past, "Poorva finishes.


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