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SELECTED shows high ambitions with almost 50% of their summer 18 collection containing more sustainable materials – marking the path for SELECTED as a brand aiming for more sustainable materials in all garments possible.

Driving positive change

“Almost 50% of SELECTED’s newest collection is now containing more sustainable fibres”, says Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, Sustainable Sourcing Manager in SELECTED and continues:

“As a brand we have acknowledged that we can drive positive change from the way we design and source our products.  Within the last year, we have therefore challenged status quo and opted for new strategic ways of working. Both buyers, designers and our sales teams have worked very hard on this, and we’re now reaping the benefits, as we see sustainable progress across all product groups”, Camilla says and emphasises:

“We are taking an ‘ASAP, ASAP’ approach – As Sustainable As Possible, As Soon As Possible! We are not just making a part of SELECTED more sustainable or making a ‘more sustainable line’ within SELECTED; we are turning the entire SELECTED brand into a more sustainable brand, and that is something we are extremely proud of”.

A variety of more sustainable fibres

“In SELECTED HOMME we focus very much on getting as much organic cotton into our collections as possible. When not possible we opt for BCI cotton instead”, Camilla explains and continues: “On the female side in SELECTED FEMME, we are making fashion items in all sorts of qualities in order to satisfy the wide variety of female styles”, Camilla explains. “This means that we are now using a wide variety of more sustainable fibres and fabrics such as BCI cotton and organic cotton in particular, recycled polyester, recycled wool and innovative fibres like Tencel ®that is soft on the skin and perfect for tops and dresses.

855,000 reused plastic bottles

Recently SELECTED was able to change a specific NOOS* style from regular polyester into recycled polyester. For every style made this way, 15 0,5L plastic bottles are being recycled.

“If this particular style reaches the expected sales, it means that we have been able to turn 855,000 plastic bottles into sustainable fashion items”, Camilla explains.  “It is just so satisfying for us in the SELECTED team to hear statistics like this, Camilla continues.  “It gives us concrete proof that we are able to drive change together”.

SELECTED’s design DNA with added value

“Our sustainable approach in SELECTED adds value to our design. We still stick to SELECTED’s design DNA and make the products we feel are suitable for SELECTED as a brand, but we want to give our customers an added value and cause less impact on the environment”, Camilla finishes.


*NOOS means ‘never out of stock’ and is a term used for styles that are always available for reorder by the store.

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