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Sustainable denim reaches new high at JACK & JONES

This August JACK & JONES presents its most sustainable jeans to date. Through a holistic approach to
denim production, new technologies and a transparent supply chain, JACK & JONES is going to launch
their new Low Impact Denim collection.

Since its first Low Impact Denim collection was launched in 2011, JACK & JONES has striven to be at the forefront of a new era in jeans manufacturing.

The 2018 Low Impact Denim collection, which will be available in stores from August, takes that mission to new heights, as JACK & JONES has sought sustainable solutions to all three elements of denim production – fibre, fabric and finishing.

“We have taken a deep dive into every process of denim production, with one focus in mind: to make the most sustainable jeans to date,” says Mikkel Albrektsen, Product Responsible at JACK & JONES JEANS INTELLIGENCE.

“This aim demands a transparent supply chain from the very beginning; sourcing the fibre, dyeing the fabric and the finishing treatments that secure the desired look.
“And most importantly, we haven’t compromised on our core values - quality, design and fitting.”

When JACK & JONES’ Low Impact Denim collection began seven years ago, the initial focus was on improving the sustainability of the finishing process. But in 2018, increased sustainability efforts have begun at the source of each pair of jeans with the use of organic cotton that is mixed with either recycled cotton, recycled polyester or botanic fibres such as lyocell to produce the fabric.

When dyeing the fabric, JACK & JONES has reduced its water use by 55% thanks to manufacturing partner ORTA’s INDIGO FLOW process. JACK & JONES’ desire to partner with denim sustainability world leaders also extends to its finishing.

Jeanologia’s Environmental Impact Measuring software has helped JACK & JONES halve its water and energy use in the finishing process of its Low Impact Denim collection, while the use of conventional bleach has been eliminated.

“We’re very proud to be working with the best in the industry when it comes to denim and sustainability, and that’s why we’re now able to present our most sustainable jeans to date,” says Mikkel Albrektsen.

For further information please contact:

Malene Lehmann
Public Relations, JACK & JONES
+45 52154875

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