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A programme that gets kids active, teaches them teamwork and inspires self-worth is underway in the Ikast-Brande Municipality thanks to BESTSELLER’s support.

With gritted teeth and sweat on the brow, over 100 school children were introduced to boxing fitness as part of their inaugural Skoleglæde session at CAMPUS on Monday.

Shouting encouragement and – at times – donning boxing gloves themselves were Skoleglæde’s instructors, the students’ teachers and four BESTSELLER colleagues.

Thanks to the support of BESTSELLER and Danish travel agency Apollo, all Grade 6 students in the Ikast-Brande Municipality will undertake Skoleglæde’s Training Ambassador course over the next three years.

The next step

The children will continue the Skoleglæde programme until November when they will undertake their Training Ambassador exam.

Their training will be split into three three-week modules where they will be required to complete a range of physical challenges, while also learning how to motivate and support others when exercising.

Students from Dalgas School, Blåhøj School and Præstelund School were involved on Monday, while the other six schools in the municipality will be introduced to Skoleglæde in the coming weeks.

“The kids have so much enthusiasm and I haven’t heard any of them say ‘I can’t be bothered’ or anything like that,” says Rikke Høgdall Hansen, PA and Coordinator at JACQUELINE DE YOUNG.

“They have given it a go and I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve gotten caught up in it. It’s really a lot of fun.”

‘A deeper impact’

The partnership with Skoleglæde is not BESTSELLER’s most high-profile sponsorship but there is plenty of reason to expect it will have a lasting impact on Brande and the surrounding region.

“I believe it’s really important that we don’t just choose the big things just because they create buzz,” says Rikke.

“This will have a deeper impact and I believe that can grow even bigger than if you start with something high-profile first.”

“It’s also at Grade 6, which they are focusing on here, that you need to get kids on board. I also have kids that go to school and I know how important it is with sport, supporting each other and teamwork.”

Smiles were universal as a long but fruitful day came to an end.

“It makes me happy and it makes me a bit proud, and especially because it’s with children at this age. That’s when you need to get them on board and ensure they do regular exercise, so I consider it important,” Car Booking Assistant Anette Lund explains.

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Over the next three years, pupils in the middle and upper levels of the public schools in the Ikast-Brande Municipality will take part in a project to increase their overall well-being thanks to BESTSELLER.

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