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JACK & JONES unveils more about the new strategic path announced last week:

“The new strategy will focus on the JACK & JONES brand as a unifying unit, and we will no longer be working as seven independent organisations within our brand – we will all be focusing on JACK & JONES,” says JACK & JONES brand directors Anders Gam and Peter Kristiansen.

That being said, JACK & JONES is not shutting down any sub brands – rather they are merging their internal brand organisations to eliminate duplicate processes and unite their efforts:

“We will continue with our wide product range and still be making products for all occasions – however, we will no longer be offering similar products under separate brand names. All our focus will be on trademanship in order to supply the consumer with the best products at the best prices,” Anders and Peter elaborates.

Organisational consequences

As a consequence of the strategic change and the new organisational setup, JACK & JONES has said goodbye to 52 colleagues at the office in Brande and 15 colleagues in Copenhagen. The dismissals have effected positions across different departments and functions incl. buying, sales and marketing.

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