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European Capital of Culture 2017


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Spectacular DJ event

This weekend, years of preparations making the Aarhus Region ready to be European Capital of Culture 2017 will finally culminate with a spectacular opening event Saturday night. With its Aarhus ties, BESTSELLER will play a large role throughout the year, commencing with support for a unique DJ event.

The official opening of Aarhus 2017 will culminate in an impressive visual and musical show, where a procession of more than 5,000 citizens will be welcomed by a 700-strong choir at the harbour in Aarhus. From here, the renowned DJ Static will take over and deliver a never-before-seen performance accompanied by an epic lightshow projected on the massive industrial buildings at the harbour.

"It is a great honour to be part of this event which is said to be one of the largest Aarhus has ever put on. It's pretty damn wild that the Capital of Culture opening ceremony will be closed by a DJ Static set. Very brave of the organisers! They could have chosen to put a more popular artist with a wider appeal. It shows that Aarhus is moving on and that the city wants progress and innovation. I hope that people will have a great experience, and I hope that we can surprise everyone by combining a DJ like me with a major sound and light show, smoke and fireworks. I mix a lot of different styles together and re-think both known and unknown tracks. It'll be great," says DJ Static. 

Before the climax

A few hours before the DJ and the light show kicks off at the Harbour in Aarhus, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II has officially opened Aarhus 2017 at the Aarhus Music Hall across downtown Aarhus. From here, a procession of several thousand lanterns, six large Viking ships, almost a thousand choir singers, musicians and several thousand citizens carrying many thousands of illuminated ships, will transform Aarhus City Centre into a floating sea of people, music and epic scenarios.

The light procession through the city will involve more than 5,000 participants from across the region. They will walk, sing and have fun, accompanied by a range of singers and orchestras singing and playing to the sound of sea and waves until they reach the Harbour area, where the DJ event and light show will culminate.

UNLEASH the potential

”In BESTSELLER, we are proud to be supporting Aarhus 2017 and all the amazing initiatives that will take place throughout the region this coming year. We are excited to kick off our involvement with the DJ event at the official opening, and we are looking very much forward to August, where we will be an integral part of the huge UNLEASH project bringing close to 1,000 international sustainability talents to Denmark to discuss and look for solutions to the UN’s official Sustainable Development Goals,” says BESTSELLER Communication Manager Jesper Stubkier.

“Getting our employees, the Aarhus region and the entire world involved in the sustainability agenda, and the cultural scene as such, is of great significance to us, and we hope that our Aarhus 2017 support will help pave the way for this,” Jesper finishes.

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