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SELECTED PEOPLE goes on sale this week after earning impressive reviews over the past month at various trade shows around the world.

The SELECTED family has expanded with the launch of SELECTED PEOPLE, which takes the brand’s commitment to quality to a whole new level.

SELECTED PEOPLE was unveiled at the start of July at the Berlin-based fashion show Premium and has since taken its show to London for Jacket Required and United States for the Project shows in New York and Las Vegas.

While SELECTED is already known for its commitment to quality fabrics, the new label has set the bar even higher, with Head of Design Henrik Busk outlining SELECTED PEOPLE’s uncompromising attitude to their debut collection.

“One of the things that really sets our collection apart from other fashion collections today is the quality and attention to detail,” Henrik says.

“At one point, we decided to put off the production, so the supplier had time to develop a finer and better version of recycled wool. We continuously work on improving and increasing the number of styles made from more sustainable fibres. Finding the right quality and expression makes all the difference.”

Natural evolution

The use of wool, silk, velvet and hand embroidered pearls underlines the exclusive nature of SELECTED PEOPLE, with the premium label’s styles ranging in price from EUR 120-600.

The debut collection covers 80 autumn styles and 80 winter styles, plus a party capsule that features an organic cotton tuxedo. Meticulous technique and attention to extraordinary features is evident in every item, while classic colours navy, camel and off-white are at the foreground of the collection. The main theme is streetwear and fashion, while the expression is sporty and functional.

International Sales Manager Rafal Kucharek Damgaard says the new label is an obvious step for SELECTED: “SELECTED is all about quality and design with a contemporary approach and we see the launch of SELECTED PEOPLE as a natural evolution. We want to offer extraordinary qualities and design with a highly sustainable approach to high end customers.”

SELECTED PEOPLE’s opening collection for Autumn/Winter 2018 will be available at from 10 August.

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A natural evolution