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BESTSELLER receives a high number of requests regarding sponsorships, and we evaluate each project carefully. We believe that small contributions channelled appropriately can make a significant difference in people’s lives and bring joy and pride to our colleagues.

The overall objective of BESTSELLER’s corporate sponsorships is to make BESTSELLER’s colleagues around the world proud through carefully selected sponsorship agreements. Therefore, it is very important that our sponsorships fit with our culture, values and basic principles.

As BESTSELLER is founded in Denmark, the majority of our corporate sponsorships take place here. For instance, BESTSELLER has been much involved in large projects such as the sponsorship of the Danish Olympic athletes and Aarhus as the European Capital of Culture 2017, as one of our main offices is situated in Aarhus. Besides these, we also focus on supporting the close local communities where our offices are located.

Local sponsorships

Among others, our small sponsorships have involved being one of the main sponsors of the International Street Art Festival in Brande, Denmark, where 12 professional street artists decorated the square and streets of the city in which our main office is situated.

Other projects include the education of a new emergency practitioner for the emergency car at a small village community near our main logistics centre, support for a local amateur theatre association and donation of clothes for homeless and vulnerable people as well as victims of human trafficking. In addition, BESTSELLER has supported a local Danish prison in their quest of improving the conditions for the inmates’ children. This is done by sponsoring children’s wear for the inmates to give to their children for Christmas.

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