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BESTSELLER Ireland and JACK & JONES have raised their profile on the Emerald Isle by securing a high-profile partner that perfectly fits with the brand’s character.

Local knowledge and boots on the ground are vital to BESTSELLER’s success in our various national markets, as JACK & JONES’ ongoing partnership with Dublin GAA in Ireland illustrates perfectly.

Last month, JACK & JONES and BESTSELLER Ireland relaunched the EVERY•DAY•HERO campaign with a series of videos featuring Gaelic football and hurling players from Dublin GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association).

While Gaelic sport remains a mystery to almost all non-Irish people, Gaelic football and hurling are arguably the most popular sports in the Republic of Ireland. Each year, the finals in both sports draw some of the biggest sporting crowds in the world.

“We are delighted to join forces with such a natural fit partnership with the EVERY•DAY•HERO Ambassador campaign,” says Tara O’Brien, BESTSELLER Ireland’s PR & Marketing Manager.

“JACK & JONES partner for strength. Dublin GAA is determined and proves time after time they never give up on their dreams.”

Unpretentious characters

Gaelic sport is almost unique globally in that the players remain exclusively amateur, which provides a perfect match to the campaign’s theme.

These are regular guys with regular jobs, just like JACK & JONES customers. For example, one of the EVERY•DAY•HERO Ambassadors is an electrician and another works at a bank.

“The styles are great. I’m loving the new denim looks and I think there’s some styles for everyone,” says hurler David Treacy, who works as a sponsorship executive.

BESTSELLER Ireland and JACK & JONES have encapsulated the down-to-earth atmosphere of Gaelic sport in their video series, which was filmed at Dublin GAA’s ageing home ground Parnell Park.

The no-frills background of concrete blockwork and asphalt at a proper old-school stadium also fits JACK & JONES’ brand image. 

Everyone loves a winner

By partnering with Dublin GAA, JACK & JONES – and BESTSELLER Ireland, by extension – are linked with one of the hottest sporting teams in the Republic of Ireland.

Three of the EVERY•DAY•HERO Ambassadors come from Dublin GAA’s Gaelic football team, which has won the past three championships. On Saturday, ‘the Dubs’ – as they are known – will play in an All-Ireland semi-final as they continue their campaign for a fourth straight title.

The link with Dublin GAA has dramatically raised JACK & JONES’ profile in the Republic of Ireland. The brand’s target audience admire and relate to the players, who have also begun to publicly give their stamp of approval.

“I loved the retro tracksuit, very comfortable and something I would wear on a rest day from training,” says footballer Ciaran Kilkenny.

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