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JACK & JONES gave their Spanish wholesale customers a completely new digital experience for this year’s BESTSELLER Fashion Days that took place in Aarhus and Brande last week.

“We love the concept and the idea behind events like BESTSELLER Fashion Days, but we have a lot of wholesale customers in Spain who are not able to attend. We feel they deserve the same treatment we provide in Denmark, and we found a way to bring a sneak-peek to all of them,” says Carlos Garcia, Brand Manager for JACK & JONES in Spain.

Last year JACK & JONES Spain was the first BESTSELLER brand to go 100% digital on a fashion fair (with no samples) and only use 3D projections and HD images:

“Last year, we successfully went 100% digital with our stand at the MOMAD trade fair in Spain. This year, we wanted to do something similar by bringing Denmark to Spain using the latest technologies,” says Carlos Garcia, Brand Manager for JACK & JONES in Spain.

This time around, the idea was to bring the atmosphere from the BESTSELLER Fashion Days event in Denmark to the Spanish wholesale customers – even though they did not physically attend the event in Denmark, by using live streaming.

The set-up

To facilitate this situation, a 30-minute live transmission was produced and broadcasted from Brande Thursday 15 September to all wholesale customers in Spain.

The broadcast gave the viewing customers a live online presentation of the Fashion Days styles via key person interviews and high-res photography – after which the customers were given a virtual introduction to BESTSELLER's new online B2B buying platform DIRECT.

For JACK & JONES the event is an important stepping-stone for future live-transmissions and online events:

“Even though many elements can be improved in future transmissions, we are overall extremely satisfied with the event – because we have proved that it is possible to engage and captivate our B2B customers without necessarily having them here in Brande or in a physical showroom,” says Mikael Mørkholt Rasmussen, B2B Online Manager JACK & JONES.

Next steps for JACK & JONES will be to produce and integrate similar global or local online events in other parts of the B2B set-up.


  • BESTSELLER’s B2B platform is called DIRECT. It’s an easy-to-use buying tool which give BESTSELLERs B2B customers access to our stock and collections anytime and anywhere as DIRECT is available for all platform.

  • Spain is one of the countries with the biggest online turnover on B2B and is selling close to 50% of the turnover on ”pure wholesale” (field accounts; no key acc. no retail) via online channels.
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